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Giving Back


The American Bee Project is organized as a for-profit company with a philanthropic mission:  To immediately provide healthy habitat for our pollinators to survive now and to raise awareness of pollinator conservation among the general public.   In addition to our flagship agricultural tax benefits program, which provides healthy habitat right now for rebuilding bee colonies and is 100% self-supporting through fees paid by our participating landowners out of their real estate tax savings, we use our profits to support bees and beekeepers with our Mentoring Mondays, Field Trip Fridays and Public Garden Exhibit initiatives and by providing support to non-profit pollinator advocacy groups seeking long-term solutions to colony collapse disorder through legislative change. 



The American Bee Project is all about forging beneficial partnerships and bringing people together in ways that help them both.   Successful beekeepers can sometimes use a little extra help, while beginners can benefit from a day of hands on training.  


With our Mentoring Mondays Initiative, beginner and backyard beekeepers spend a day working with an experienced commercial beekeeper learning the best techniques for successful beekeeping.    


If you would like to participate, as either a mentor or helping hand, contact us.



We have partnered with the Florida Widflower Foundation and Heathcote Botanical Gardens to create a garden exhibit to educate the public about the importance of preserving natural healthy bee habitat and making such land available to beekeepers.    This includes native wildflowers.

Come and see our beautiful exhibit at Heathcote Botanical Gardens in Fort Pierce, FL.    '

We encourage local citizens to create an exhibit for your local garden.  Contact us to use our exhibit template and signage for your exhibit.



Our American Bee Project beekeepers are some of the coolest, most generous and most helpful people we know.    When one of our beekeepers told us that he hosts school groups at his apiary to teach kids about the importance of saving the bees, we decided to expand his idea to as many communities as possible with our other participating beekeepers.  


If your school or home-school group is interested in visiting one of our participating apiaries, contact us.


One out of every three bites of food we eat depends on the honey bee.  Tragically, commercial bee colonies are collapsing throughout the United States and around the world at an alarming rate.    Colony Collapse Disorder is linked to a type of pesticide introduced in 1999 that is widely used on agricultural products.   It is imperative that beekeepers have access to land that has not been exposed to these substances to rebuild bee colonies.  

The American Bee Project seeks to connect owners of vacant land with commercial beekeepers.    We are working with state and local governments throughout America to establish commercial beekeeping as a legal agricultural use of land.  By leasing their vacant land to a commercial beekeeper for legitimate commercial agricultural use, property owners may be able to save thousands of dollars on their property taxes while helping to save the bees.    Commercial beekeepers use the land to make honey and rebuild the health of their hives.    Together we can save the bees, and ourselves, one acre at a time.


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