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Financial Support for Legislative Change


The American Bee Project's unique approach provides healthy habitat for rebuilding bee colonies NOW.   This is important because the process of reversing the bad public policies that have brought about widespread bee colony collapse could take years or decades.  


In the long term, however, we believe that the best way to save our pollinators is a combination of (1) increasing the number of acres of healthy bee habitat available to beekeepers and (2) reversing the bad public policies that have brought about the the proliferation of bee-toxic (and human-toxic) pesticides and the deforestation of America for the production of genetically modified crops and cattle.   


We therefore give a portion of our profits to non-profit advocacy groups that are seeking legislative and judicial remedies to these problems.  If your organization is interested in partnering with us, please contact us. 


One out of every three bites of food we eat depends on the honey bee.  Tragically, commercial bee colonies are collapsing throughout the United States and around the world at an alarming rate.    Colony Collapse Disorder is linked to a type of pesticide introduced in 1999 that is widely used on agricultural products.   It is imperative that beekeepers have access to land that has not been exposed to these substances to rebuild bee colonies.  

The American Bee Project seeks to connect owners of vacant land with commercial beekeepers.    We are working with state and local governments throughout America to establish commercial beekeeping as a legal agricultural use of land.  By leasing their vacant land to a commercial beekeeper for legitimate commercial agricultural use, property owners may be able to save thousands of dollars on their property taxes while helping to save the bees.    Commercial beekeepers use the land to make honey and rebuild the health of their hives.    Together we can save the bees, and ourselves, one acre at a time.


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